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Game aliases:  jaws io chops online

Chops io description

Chops io — Play for free at

Chops io is an io game inspired by Jaws movie. You play for an ugly, but very dangerous creature, probably a fish, and have to survive in this wild dark sea.

How to Play

Your goal in Chops io is to score points, get to the top of the leaderboard and not to be eaten by other fishes.

You've 2 indicators: stamina and health. When some fish bites you, you'll lose some health. To restore simply eat something around you. Stamina is used to dash (by right click). When stamina is low take a break to have it back.

So when you eat some little creatures in Chops io you receive points and level up at certain amount. With every level up you become bigger and probably slower. Anyway the bigger the fish the more safer it is.

Don't forget to invite friends and play unlocked io game together.


  • Move with mouse
  • Dash with open jaws by Ctrl or right mouse button


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Chops io

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