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Game aliases:  clansman io clansmanio clansmenio clans men io

Clansmen io description

Clansmen io — Play for free at

Clansmen io is a Moo moo io styled game. You're going to gather resources, fight with other players and build your own settlement!

How to Play

You main goal in Clansmen io is to expand your settlement. Collect resources and build web buildings. Rather simple however built-in tutorial will explain you the rules at first.

If you cooperate with other players you've more chance for a rapid growth. Create a new clan or join existing. It will also help to defend your settlement more effectively. Also you can attack other players and destroy enemy's buildings! Clansmen io is complete unblocked, best at fullscreen howerver lags a bit, probably due to the only one server located in East US. We hope the game gets enough player to make game play smooth and to add new features!

Play Clansmen io in schools at home or even in the office :)

Clansmen io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click for actions
  • Num keys for building selection.


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Clansmen io

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