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Game aliases:  Coaster Town io

Coaster Town description

Coaster Town — Play for free at

Coaster town is an amusement park simulator, it's not as big as Manyland io, but completely dedicated to game trading fans.

How to Play

The main goal in Coaster Town is amusement. I'm serious, get maximum of this game and simply have fun. For building, demolishing and completing in-game tasks you receive level-ups. The level you have affects items you're able to use. You don't usually receive items you can't use, unless you've bought it. Coaster Town is quite balanced game and you'll have enough both coins and XP with time.

Well, you build an amusement park. Each park is a room where you can invite friends and trade. In-game coins (Chips) you can get by trading and building parts of a park. The more people visit you room the better for you!

Coaster Town is not just a game, it's very connected with forum. Community members talk about the game, ask for help, look for teammates and etc. If you want to get new friends, this game will help you!


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Coaster Town

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