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Game aliases:  Coffee knight io

Coffeeknight io description

Coffeeknight io — Play for free at

Coffee Knight io is a tiny io game about coffee, knights and slaying monsters! Gameplay is pretty straightforward... drink coffee, kill mobs, and earn the highest score possible. Try to beat other players scores, rise to the top of the leader-board and proclaim yourself the best Coffee Knight of the realm!

How to Play

Four friendly coffee knights will assist you in fighting off monsters, and drinking coffee! You'll want to make sure that your supply of coffee doesn't run low... otherwise without coffee you and your knights will have no power to attack the enemy mobs. Drink as much coffee as possible, as fast as you can to increase and sustain your coffee supply.

Each mob slain earns you points but also reduces your coffee supply, along with any damage sustained. Any coffee cup consumed increases your supply! Keep your knights well caffeinated and you shall prevail!


  • Mouse to move


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Coffeeknight io

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