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Game aliases:  Colorifio

Colorify io description

Colorify io — Play for free at

Colorify io is an abstract brain game for two players. Platers have to act with certain rules to win.

How to Play

Your aim in Colorify io is to capture more than 50% of the tiles to win. As soon as one of the players has captured more than 50% the game ends.

Click Next to create the room and get the link. Send this link to someone you want to play with and as soon as counterpart joins the game will begin.

You and opponent begin from the opposite corners of the game area. In your turn you will see 4 color options to select. Click the one you want to make your land change the color and capture the nearby tiles of the same color. Turn by turn area you own will grow bigger. You cannot pick the same color as you currently have nor you can pick your opponent's color. Basic strategy is to note the most frequent color of adjacent tiles and choose it in your turn. Below the game are you may see game statistics and change your strategy if required.


  • All actions by mouse


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Colorify io

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