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Game aliases:  CosmoSX

Cosmo SX description

Cosmo SX — Play for free at

Cosmo SX is a space io shooter game with key feature: active gravitation. This means you should not fall into black holes and be careful near big planets, because near them objects will act slightly different than usually, e.g. Sun rebels bullets. Check out Voar ac if you love gravitational effects in the games.

How to Play Cosmo SX

The main goal of the game is to destroy enemy's base. You should update your space ship first. Get resources out of asteroids (destroy them) and particles left by killed players. If you sign up you'll receive some internal points for each gameplay, they can be used to buy spaceship crafts.

While destroying asteroids you receive XP, with each level up new weapons and upgraded ship parts become available. These can be bought at shop (toggle shop window with C key). You CAN NOT destroy enemy's base until you reach certain level. You have to deal more damage to the base than it can recover while you reload your guns. Cosmo SX is one of the most adorable io games out of space shooters.

Cosmo SX Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot
  • Q to open inventory
  • C to toggle shop window


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Cosmo SX

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