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Game aliases:  crowdsteve fun

CrowdSteve io description

CrowdSteve io — Play for free at

CrowdSteve io is an enjoyable multiplayer io game that offers players an opportunity to have a great time. Assemble your gang and chase down your opponents to defeat them. This game is a spin-off of CrazySteve io game.

How to play

In CrowdSteve io the primary focus is not on winning but on having fun. Our objective is to build the largest gang in the world! Initially, there are ordinary players on the field, and you can join them. After that, compete with other bandits in terms of strength and size. The group with the largest horde will not only emerge victorious but will also strengthen their position on the arena.

CrowdSteve io

The winner is already visible in the screenshot. So, what should you do if the strongest player is attacking you? Run! The more gang members you have, the slower your movement will be. Gang members are recruited rapidly. By simply running away and gathering new members along the way, you will eventually become bigger than the attacker. Consequently, the pursuer himself will become the victim.


  • Steve's gang follows the cursor's movements.


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CrowdSteve io

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