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Cubis 2 is a captivating puzzle game where players strategically match colored cubes to clear the board. Set in a 3D environment, the game requires precise placement and timing to eliminate cubes and advance to higher levels.

In Cubis 2, your objective is to match three or more cubes of the same color. Start by choosing a cube and aiming to place it in the optimal position on the isometric game board. As you align the cubes, they will disappear, earning you points. Collect power-ups to enhance your gameplay, such as increasing the speed or efficiency of your moves. Navigate through various levels, each presenting unique challenges and animated backdrops. Use obstacles and strategic thinking to outmaneuver tougher puzzles and clear the board within the given time.


  • Arrow Keys - Move cubes
  • Space - Select cube
  • Z - Rotate cube
  • X - Drop cube


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Cubis 2

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