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Game aliases:  splix io 2

Curvex io description

Curvex io — Play for free at

Curvex io is a game based on a still very popular io game Splix io. The rules are just the same, but game area is smaller and the game is more competitive.

How to Play

The goal in Splix io 2 is very simple: capture the maximum land you can (=earn maximum points) and kill as many enemies as you can. The area is small and the battle is tough. You will have no chance not to meet any enemy, so if you prefer a less extreme game, try playing original Splix io game.

To capture the land move our of the starting point and come back drawing a line. The land inside the drawn line will be added to yours. You can't cross your own line as well as you can't get out of game area borders. In case you cross the line of another player it's an instant death to the opponent. The more enemies you defeat in the Splix io 2 the better.

Also don't forget to select a skin and try each of available modes (FFA, Speedy, Slow Motion and Little Arena) !

Curvex io Controls

  • Arrows to move


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Curvex io

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