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Game aliases:  curves io curvzio

Curvz io description

Curvz io — Play for free at

Curvz io is a new io game by Spinbot studio. Might look familiar, but the game has it's own great features!

How to Play

Your goal in Curvz io is to earn points and finally to have the most. You're playing for a worm and the game reminds every Slither io styled game, but there're core features that make this game unique.

First of all you can earn points by collecting color dots. It's a slow way, but rather safe. If you want to get more points you have to attack other players. You can bite them from the tail side. When killed opponent gives you some of points he had. The tricky part here is that worms may change direction of movement during the game (press Space). This means that the moment you've tried to bite the enemy it can change the direction and you will die. So it's a kind of risky.

Another thing in Curvz io that you can hide from others in safe blocks. Every block can fit only one player at once and has it's value. When you enter the block it's value increased by the number of points you had. If have more points than the value of the block, you can't enter it.


  • Space to change direction
  • Left click to dash


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Curvz io

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