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Game aliases:  Darknovaio

Darknova io description

Darknova io — Play for free at

Darknova io is a game for a capture of the flag with the elements of a shooter. The game has a nice cosmic theme and has some fresh ideas. You will enjoy playing this game. Moreover, the gameplay and the development are brand-new. It is surely one of the best games in the io world.

How to play

Darknova io has two aims. You must drag an energy object to the base or destroy all ships of the enemies. The teams are divided in two types: Defenders and Attackers. Attackers must capture the flag and drag it to their base in the circle. Defenders must defend the flag. If all ships of one team are destroyed, the round is over. In the process, Attackers and Defenders will exchange their roles. There is a timer, and several rounds will be played for a limited period of time. The team that wins more rounds is a winner of the game.

Darknova io begins from the purchase. Use Y to enter the shop. You can choose type of the ship, improvements of the ship, weapons and a one-time ammo for the super weapon. The time is limited, so you must do shopping quickly and then start playing.

When you explode the enemy’s ship, help to explode them, win or even lose the round, you receive money. Then you can purchase the ammo in the shop.

If your ship is exploded, you spend this round observing the game. So, you must be very careful.

There is an interesting visual effect of darkening, the original theme creates an amazing atmosphere, and there is a huge choice of maps.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use Y to go shopping
  • Make a left click to shoot
  • Make a right click to use super weapon
  • Use H to ask for help
  • Use F11 to play on the full screen


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Darknova io

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