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Game aliases:  Dattank io

Dattank com description

Dattank com — Play for free at

Dattank com is a tank shooter with some peculiarities. The players are divided into four colors and try to shoot down each other. In different places of the map there are neutral tanks. Neutral tanks don’t move and their aim is to kill colored tanks. To conquer the neutral tank, you must hit him straightly many times, then the tank will be painted into your color. The graphics is good, the gameplay is simple, there are many players, so it is a really interesting game about tank battles.

How to play

Dattank com has several aims. First, you must kill the enemies and receive scores, then you will enter the Top rating. Second, in the upper part of the screen you see the percent of neutral tanks that are painted into your color and into the colors of other teams. Your color must dominate on the map, it will help you a lot in the battle.

In different places of the map you can find ammo and medical kits, so you must pick them on time.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Make a click to shoot


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Dattank com

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