Game aliases:  deeep io beta deeeep io beta deep io beta deeeep io new

Deeeep io BETA description

Deeeep io BETA — Play for free at

Deeeep io BETA is a major upcoming release. It contains new biomes and new animals. You can try new features here!

How to Play

Shortly about the rules of Deeeep io BETA. First of all choose a biome you'd like to evolve in. Next collect food and get points to upgrade. You've got such biomes for selection like Air, Water, Deep Water, Arctics and etc. Also note that every animal has special abilities and requirements. Some need salty water, some oxygen and etc. You have to keep an eye on those bars to not to end the game earlier than you wanted.

Deeeep io Beta Controls

  • mouse to move
  • click to boost or use an ability
  • enter to toggle chat
  • esc to exit to the main menu


We're updating comments section. And hope it gets back soon!

Deeeep io BETA

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