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Game aliases:  Dogfightx io

Dogfightx com description

Dogfightx com — Play for free at

Dogfightx com is a 3D air battles game. The players are fighting over the sea and are trying to hit the enemy’s base. The game is made in the style of World War I. You will enjoy the models and the graphics. You must choose the type of airplane that will help you to defeat the enemy’s Boss and lead your team to the victory. It is a beautiful and stylish game. Both amateur and professional io players will enjoy the game.

How to play

The aim of the Dogfightx com is to kill the enemy’s Boss. Upgrade your plane by collecting yellow barrels, blue cubes and killing the enemies. When you upgrade your plane, it becomes bigger. Also, you receive score points. Use the points to upgrade the weapons, health, speed and other properties.

The Boss is a huge airship that is throwing balloons to smaller airships. The Boss creates the units that make a huge damage but have a poor health. So, it easy to cope with these units, but it is really hard to defeat the Boss. Upgrade seriously, to make a sufficient damage to the Boss. Moreover, you must often take breaks in order to restore your health (use blue cubes). When the enemy’s Boss is exploded, players quit the battlefield, and the game is reloaded for a new battle.

At the moment, the game is in the beta mode, and there are some lags. However, it is already clear that the game is great. In case of proper development, it will become really popular among io fans.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Make a left click to shoot
  • Use a right click to throw a bomb


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Dogfightx com

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