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Game aliases:  draw battle io Drawbattleio

Drawbattle io description

Drawbattle io — Play for free at

Drawbattle io is online pvp competition of painters, spectators choose the one who is the winner of this epic battle.

How to Play

The game suggest a word to draw and two selected players begin to draw it. Other players (actually not players, but spectators) will decide whose painting is better. After time is out, players become spectators and the game starts again.

The tools in Drawbattle io have most required ones: color and thickness of line, paint bucket to fill with color and others. You can cheat and write a word instead of drawing, but probably judges won't like it.

If you want to play with your friends rather then with random people, click Party in the menu, copy a link and send it to your friends. You will play in a private room accessible only with the created link.


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Drawbattle io

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