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Game aliases:  famin io faminio famineio tank battle roayle

Famine io description

Famine io — Play for free at

Famine io is a tank battle royale io game! Multiplayer + simple rules + a lot of action! This is a cool io game :)

How to Play

Your main goal in Famine io is to earn as many points as possible. Follow 2 basic rules. First of all destroy other tanks, and secondly - try to stay alive for as long as possible. At the top right corner you'll find a leaderboard, so keep in mind that the higher your nickname in the list the better for you!

You get points only for destroying other tanks. Type of tank and weapon equipped is assigned randomly when you enter the game. You may get a high damage but slow cannon or rapid shooting but dealing lower damage. Try to be best with all variants.

Your shots go far away out of the visible area so keep shooting constantly and you'll see killed message from time to time. Also if you see someone shoot from a corner of the screen you may respond by shooting that direction. Don't forget about the HP level.

Right now Famine io doesn't offer nay upgrades, pickups or any special abilities, but we hope developers will add them soon!

Famine io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to aim
  • Space to shoot


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Famine io

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