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Feudal Wars is a medieval RTS io game. Occupy neutral castles, build barracks and archer ranges, train soldiers for a great last figth!

How to Play

Main goal of the game is to defeat your enemy. At the end of the game you'll see your overall score that depends on number of castles occupied, soldiers killed and etc. On the minimap every castle location is visible. If any of players occupies the castle it will change it's color on the minimap.

Castle brings you money and trains some basic soldiers. Build Barracks, Archery and other buildings for various soldiers. Build walls and towers for defense.

As in classic RTS games soldiers are trained in automatics mode, so just select available units and send them into the battle. You can select a point on the map where all newly trained units will go. Move pointer over the Barracks and you'll see an castle icon, Click twice and select all buildings of that type you own, then right click the point on the map. This will be the meeting point for every new soldier. You can do the same for other types of units.

Don't forget to upgrade the buildings for advanced units. Also you can upgrade defense units: wall and towers. Move mouse over the building and click on a green arrow to upgrade it.


  • Use mouse to select units
  • Right click to send selected units to a point on the map


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Feudal Wars

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