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Game aliases:  fintank fun

Fintank io description

Fintank io — Play for free at

Fintank io is an infinite tank io game. You can build there something, demolish something, fight and team with other players. There're a lot of options to have a great time while playing this game.

How to Play

The main metrics in Fintank io is your score points counter. Most of features become available after registration, but you can still play it in guest mode. Once you've signed up you can build a base, set up a door at the entrance and etc.

Money or energy pellets are required to build and attack. These pellets have yellow color and can be found anywhere on the map. Kill players and bots to get more energy. Also you can try to destroy enemies bases, inside a lot of useful items can be kept.

Fintank io

Walls have certain strength, while attacking you can see the current strength level of the wall unit. The darker the color of the wall the more strong it is. You can always easily understand if the wall worth destroying or not.

Bots in a Fintank io game have different colors. Some are aggressive, some are not. Blue bots are basic bots that usually killed for quick leveling up. They have low HP, but give a lot of energy. Red bots are very strong, they use rackets as a weapon and are hard to destroy. Until you feel capable to kill the red bot don't spend your time. Gray bot is a blue bot that has reached 10k points level. It's a bit more strong and aggressive than a blue one. Still rather easy to kill this bots. Yellow bots are healers, they keep restoring your HP automatically. When killed leave medical aid kits.

If you remain inactive for more than 2 minutes you'll be automatically disconnected.

Fintank io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot
  • 1-6 for item selection
  • ZXCVB to open weapons and buildings dialogs


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Fintank io

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