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Game aliases:  flags io

Flagz io description

Flagz io — Play for free at

Flagz io is cruel flag caturing multiplayer io game. play in teams and try to get the flag to your side. Help your teammates.

How to Play

The map is split into two parts: red and blue. You start in either blue or red team and appear on the corresponding side.

You see arrows that show direction to the other side's flag location. Go there and try to grab the flag. Note that when the flag is in your hands you move slower and this means that without help of your teammates you'll not be able to go far. However if you managed to bring the flag to the side of your color, your team wins.

How can you help your team when someone carries the flag? You can touch enemy and freeze him. The same way when you touch frozen teammate you make hin unfreeze. Rather simple.

The turn lasts for about 15 minutes and ends on timeout or when one of the teams captures and brings the flag to own side.


  • WASD to move
  • Space to drop the flag
  • Touch enemies and teammates to freeze / unfreeze them


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Flagz io

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