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Game aliases:  fose io

Foes io description

Foes io — Play for free at

Every io games fan knows, plays and loves Sidney de Vries games. And of course everyone had been waiting for another bulletproof io game. Well here it is! It's a combination of Moomoo io and Vertix io. On the one hand it has great visual representation, on the other - great battles. You certainly will love it. Did you know the game is also known as Fose io? :)

How to Play

Gameplay in Foes io is not continuous as in many io games, but has fixed timings. The aim is to win one. No experience, no mass, pure fun.

First of all quickly get around the map and collect weapons and chests with question mark sign. Chests contain bonuses that might be helpful. Weapons are of 2 types: short and long range, and you can't have both at the same time. Every weapon has limited number of ammo, so when ammo ends get another weapon with full ammo instead of useless one. The less players remains on the map, the smaller map becomes. Do not cross the red line, it's an instant loss.

Foes io

Foes io also provides wide character customization options.

Easter Eggs in

  • 4DD3D45HRlN3 @ RMN-MMM-MMM - means ADDED SHRINE @ 3000:3000, at 3000:3000 coordinates on the map some stuff is hidden, the most fast coordinates on the map are 70000:70000, the building in the middle of the map is located at 35000:35000
  • after a RING in the game hit with a Stick any random (green or orange) tree


  • WASD to move
  • Shift to run
  • Space to jerk
  • F to pick an item
  • Scroll or Q to switch weapon
  • Mouse click or E to attack


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Foes io

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