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Fun Race 3D Online description

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Fun Race 3D Online is a funny running competition through physics applied obstacles. Play. Lose. Get angry. Overcome. Win. If you've already played Run Race 3D Online then you'll find this game pretty familiar.

How to Play

You compete with 2 other players. The one who comes to the end point first wins the round. If you win you move to the next level of this arcade game. Fun Race 3D is a fake multiplayer, so your opponents are dumb bots, so you kinda have an advantage. Don't worry if you can't win at first attempt (otherwise the game would be that addictive). Think about the strategy and use it to be the first. For example obstacles can be a problem if it gets on your way and at the same time you can make it a problem for others by pushing item in front of an opponent.

Fun Race 3D Online

You can't die in Fun Race 3D Online, but you can easily lose by falling down or coming last. Use you brain and you'll win this game easily.


  • Hold to run
  • Release to stop


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Fun Race 3D Online

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