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Game aliases:  Futeio

Fute io description

Fute io — Play for free at

Fute io is a hooligan game. It is similar to football, the aim is to score goals. However, if you receive too many scores, other players will destroy you, and all your scores will be annulled. It is an io game for real fans! The game has a huge popularity, and it is worth playing. The rules are simple, you have a great opportunity to fight, and the servers are full of players.

How to play

The aim is to score many goals. The balls and the gates are common, so you have to compete with other players. Score goals, and you will enter the TOP of the server. However, be careful: when you get a ball, you slow down, and other players may defeat you easily.

Also, you have an opportunity to fight with other players and knock them out. The number of lives is not written on the screen, but, if you run into the enemy at high speed 3 or 4 times, he will be knocked out. But, in this case, you also get damaged, so after a couple of great battles you must have a rest and restore your health. You don’t receive scores for defeated enemies, but it is a great way to get rid of stronger players. The rules and the gameplay are quite simple. However, the game is really interesting and full of tense interaction. Io fans will surely enjoy it.


  • To move use the cursor
  • To speed up click the mouse


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Fute io

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