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Galactic Era is a full scale space battle game, it's a very epic multiplayer io game! Hundreds of players from the whole world take a part online in developing own star system and spaceships. The only Greatfilter io is about that epic.

How to Play Galactic Era

The main goal of the game is to pass missions and receive XP points. It's not easy to get in to the rules, but hints will help with that: how to equip a spaceship, how to setup a new cannon, defense shield and etc. You'll be taught how to begin battles, build new ships and colonize new star systems!

Galactic Era main menu

One of the most exciting things in Galactic Era is building you own spaceship. You'll be able to use a lot of various weapons, defense options and etc. Mind the weapon specific options, keep all systems of a ship in a balance and think about an effective defense system. As soon as you've changed anything you're able to perform a test battle to see changes in action.

Passing suggested missions you'll get some minerals, money and other resources. This means you'll be able to build new decks for your ship. Don't forget to use Preview option.

Strategy tab is used to setup battle strategy, this is very useful for the cases when you fight against two and more enemies at ones.

Mind the hints, use built-in tutorial to become the professional in the Galactic Era game!


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Galactic Era

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