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Gallons io description

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Gallons io is an io game with interesting concept. It's an economic strategy game. You have to pump water and earn cash. The more water flows through the system of pipes you've built the more cash you receive.

How to play

Your aim in Gallons io is to earn cash. This can be done by pumping water from ponds through the base pump. Choose the location of your base pump wisely. Once placed, you cannot move it. If any of enemies player destroys your base pump (the first you've built), the game is over.

Gallons io

As you level up in, you'll unlock better equipment and new tolls such as bigger pipes, more powerful weapons, walls and other defense objects and also water processors. Water processors can be used to heat, filter and purify the water which increases the flow rate of your pipes. Try placing several processors in a row, maybe that will boost the flow.

Also important note. Ponds in Gallons io are not infinite, so make sure you planned ahead the day when ponds nearby are over.


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to look
  • Left click to build object / attack
  • Right click on object icon to rotate object
  • Scroll or 1-9 keys to select tool


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Gallons io

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