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Gameinc io description

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Gameinc io is a game studio simulator. Every gamer can now try to start a business and develop io games!

How to Play

The goal of the game is to get the maximum points. Points are equal to money you earn during the game. First of all you should get 5000$ by coding, next you can start a game development process. You should hire a programmer who'll writing code. Choose wisely, at first you can not afford an expensive specialist.

Press any buttons on the keyboard to create cashflow. Faster typing brings more money. Even when you got 5000$ to start a new game, don't stop typing, you'll have to pay the wage to your hired programmer. In case you got a huge debt game ends.

Note that when you click Hire talent button you can't cancel this action, you've to hire someone. Random will pick a random guy to work for you. We don't advise you to do this, because at the beginning you can't afford a person with salary more that 100/150k$ per year.

When you create a game you can select game type, type may affect popularity and revenue the game will bring you.

So just explore Gameinc io and try to become the most successful game developer company in the Silicon Valley!

Gameinc io Controls

  • press keys to earn the money


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Gameinc io

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