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Although Gobattle io is a modern io game, it bears resemblance to the classic Dandy games that we used to love. It is definitely worth your attention and respect, with its simple controls, amazing graphics, and a large community of players and favorite characters. It is truly a gem among io games. And where else could you have the opportunity to play as Batman?

How to play

Enter your name. Choose a character. Go! You are in the game! The aim is to kill the enemies. If the enemy is defeated, a golden coin is available. Your scores depend on the number of coins in your collection. If another player kills the enemy, you may take his coin, try to do this!

The weapon is a knife for throwing, but you may look for other kinds of weapon that are more efficient. Also, you may sit down, jump, protect yourself with shield. Moreover, there are bubbles that are used to increase HP.

The game is under developing, so it is worth visiting again after a while. The developers will surely add new options and maps.


  • To move use WASD
  • To use the shield sit down
  • Double jump is available

Tips and Tricks

If you sit down, the shield will protect you. In this case, you lose some HP. You may shoot from the shield. Be careful, because the enemy may shoot to your back. Bottles with health are often hidden in secret places, for example, behind the hanging chains. If you are killed, coins and weapons fall out from you (if you have taken them before). When you are respawn, go and take them back. Otherwise, other players will take them.


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Gobattle io

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