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Game aliases:  Goeatbombio

Goeatbomb io description

Goeatbomb io — Play for free at

Goeatbomb io is a variation of Agario. Our monster is gaining the mass, eating cats and other monsters. The game becomes more interesting and dangerous because every monster has a hidden bomb in the stomach. Pay attention at the monster’s eyes: if they are red, the bomb will explode soon. Open the mouth as wide as possible to stop the attack, and then the explosion will be delayed. And, while you are opening the mouth, your monster may eat somebody by the way. s

How to play

The main aim in Goeatbomb io is to grow the biggest monster. You must eat cats and other players. Look for pills and boxes, because you will find there some bonuses that will help you to achieve your aim. You can also eat a mushroom.

There are three main obstacles. You may explode if the level of tension exceeds the maximum. Do you remember the film “Adrenaline”? In Goeatbomb io the situation is the same, and the tension scale is in the left part of the screen. Also, when the monster is about to explode, his eyes become red. Open the mouth to prevent explosion. When you are about to explode, your speed becomes slower.

If you eat a player who is about to explode, you may suffer from his explosion. Sometimes it happens.

Also, bigger players may eat you.

Goeatbomb io is really interesting because of different objects. You can buy these objects for $. Moreover, the volume of your money is growing slowly but stably.


  • You may use the mouse, the sensor device (iPod or a Smartphone) or the video camera. If you use video camera, you will control the monster by means of your own head.


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Goeatbomb io

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