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Game aliases:  goldsea io

Goldensea io description

Goldensea io — Play for free at

Goldensea io is a very simple io game made for the recent io jam. You've got to sail the sea full of golden coins, pick up them and fight with your enemies of course.

How to Play

The main goal of the game is to score maximum points by collection gold. You can find golden coins everywhere on the map. The only problem is enemies. They're also looking for gold and don't want to share a piece with anyone else. Keep moving carefully around rocks and shoot those who tries to steal your gold!

If you get into rocks you die instantly. Be careful when sailing close to them. Keep in mind that rocks can be useful to escape from enemies. Also note that ship goes only forward.

Goldensea io Controls

  • Arrows to move
  • Space to shoot


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Goldensea io

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