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Gota io resembles Agario upgraded to the maximum. First, your cell moves with a high speed. Second, there are many settings that make tea me interesting and nice. Third, you can divide your cell not only in two halves, but also in three or even more pieces at a time. So, the game is worth playing. Developers did their best. The game doesn’t contain any lags, so we can enjoy it.

How to play

The aim in Gota io is to grow the biggest cell. Size of the cell is unlimited. You must eat colored dots situated in different places of the map, and absorb smaller players. But, if you want to eat other players, you should catch them, and that’s the main point. When you become bigger, you slow down, and it becomes difficult to case other players. In this case, you can divide your cell in 2, 3 or4 smaller pieces. Ten your cell becomes smaller, and it is easier to catch the enemy. However, if your cells become smaller than the enemy’s cell, you will get in a trouble. So, you must divide your cell only when you are sure in your victory.

When your cell is small, green and red prickly circles are not dangerous for you. But, if your cell is bigger than these circles, collision with these circles will break your cell into dozens of smaller pieces. Then, there is a huge risk of being absorbed. So, try not to run into these prickly circles, if there are many other players nearby. You must have some time to join the pieces of your cell into a big structure again.

Gota io is really interesting because there are many skins, you can change color of the field, remove nicks and so on.

In the menu "Servers" you can choose any server you like. Different servers have a different number of players. Also, there are experimental servers. You can find there different upgrades that are not included into the main game. There is also a Megaserver for the team play. Its capacity is 1000 people. Usually, over 500 people at a time are playing there. It is a BETA server; it is situated in the end of the list.

When your cell is small, you should stay close to the green dots. They can help you to hide from the enemy. The most exciting battle is usually in the center. So, if you are there, your cell can be eaten by any player, even if you don’t expect it.

It is better to battle face-to-face, without other players. Otherwise, somebody can support your enemy.


  • The cell follows the mouse
  • Use W to spit out the mass
  • Use the Space to divide your cell
  • If you open the menu and enter Keybinds, you may add extra keys that will be used to divide your cell into 3 or 4 pieces (Double split & Quad split)


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Gota io

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