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Game aliases:  Gungameio

Gungame io description

Gungame io — Play for free at

Gungame io is a new io shooter for many users. It is on a par with a futuristic Spaceblast io and minimalistic Battl io. There is an original system of upgrading the weapons; you may take part in an exciting battle with other players and black holes. Te game has all qualities of a good io game. Surely, it is worth playing.

How to play

The aim of Gungame io is to grow the biggest cell and to enter the Top. You must absorb colored dots that are located in the space. Also, you may knock the mass out of other players and black holes. The gained mass is equal to our health. Your health is denoted by the icon of a heart in the bottom left-and corner. And there is the main intrigue of the game.

So, the mass is equal to our health, and we may use it in order to speed up, to attack and to upgrade the weapons. First, a type of the weapon is upgraded. When all type range of the weapons is upgraded, we pass to a new level of the weapons. There, upgrades are more expensive, but, also, the damage increases.

You must constantly control the level of health in Gungame io, because we use our health to attack and to upgrade the weapons. Ten we become more vulnerable, and it becomes easier to kill us. So, you must always control the level of health and try to save every HP.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use E to upgrade the weapons
  • Use Space to speed up
  • Make a click to shoot


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Gungame io

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