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Game aliases:  harvestdoom io

Harvest Doom io description

Harvest Doom io — Play for free at

Harvest Doom io is a Halloween styled horror io game. Farming and defense of the tower genres combined together!

How to Play

Main goal is to survive as many waves as possible. You can die in two ways: either you got killed or your house got destroyed. You character is rather safe because zombies will try to destroy your house first. This means that you have to defend it!

So what can you do to defend your house from zombies in Harvest Doom io? First of all Build Watch Towers. Since this is a farming and at the same time Tower Defense game, you can do both: plant plants and build towers. Press Q to toggle the menus. First menu is for plants you can plant. In upper row there're seeds, below is what you have in stock. Go to the garden-bed square and press Space. In a couple of seconds plant will grow out of a seed and you'll be able to collect a fruit. Little by little your stock of seeds will grow. Harvest Doom io offers in-game quests. Get close to the house and you'll see your current tasks. At the top right corner numbers show the amount of fruits you need to complete the quest tasks. You'll get Souls in exchange for Fruits. Souls and Blood used to build Towers.

At the left top corner you'll see Soul and Blood indicators. Souls receive by completing the tasks, Blood for killing the enemies.


First of all get maximum of all Fruits, then go to the House and complete quest tasks one by one. Avoid monsters, they come to destroy your House, but can occasionally start attacking you. Also monsters don't damage your fruit beds.

For extra safety build Walls around the House, Walls are cheap and help to stop monsters in case Tower won't be able to destroy quickly.

Harvest Doom io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Space to plant/craft/build
  • Q to toggle the menus


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Harvest Doom io

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