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Hexar io description

Hexar io — Play for free at Titotu.io

Hexar io = Splix io + Superhex io. It is a land capturing game. The gameplay is really smooth; you will enjoy controlling the ball. Moreover, in this version you are not forbidden to cross your own line. Everybody will be charmed by the minimalism of this game. In this game, you have to make well-thought decisions. Moreover, you are constantly playing too close to the foul, and it’s really impressive. When you are playing this game, you forget everything =)

How to play

The aim is to conquer as many lands as possible. To do this, leave your territory, draw the area you are going to conquer, and then come back to your base. Congratulations, you have conquered a new piece of land! There is an automatic statistic of conquered lands (in percent), conquered bases of the enemies and defeated enemies. According to this statistics, prize scores are calculated. However, the game is so exciting that you remember about the scores only after the death, when it’s time to enjoy final statistics.

There are two ways of dying. You may die when you are invading the territory, and somebody cuts down a line behind you. Also, during the invasion your head may run into the head of another player. Moreover, you may run into the edge of the map.

To kill the enemy, cut down his line or run into his head by your own head, when he is on your territory. If both of you are on your territory, you will stay safe after the clash.

In addition, there are green circles on the map. If you take a green circle, your speed will increase for 150 units for some time, it can be really useful.


To move, hold the click of the mouse. Your head is a circle, it follows the cursor.

Tips and Tricks

  • It is better to fight on your own territory. If somebody attacks you, watch him from your own territory, stay calm and wait until the enemy loses his courage in order to be safe.
  • Play on the full screen. If you don’t see the beginning of your own tail, it’s time to finish the capture. Safety is the most important thing.
  • It is profitable to be safe. The most stable shape is a ball. Moving in two or three cells at the perimeter of the ball, you may carry out long captures and hide quickly to your base in case of any danger. If the enemy has made a low-cut in your territory, you can easily get your land back, just join the sharp edges.


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Hexar io

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