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Game aliases:  hungery ml hungerio

Hunger io description

Hunger io — Play for free at

Hunger io is another survival io game with specific simplified graphics. Done solely by one person, so it's just okay. Collect, build and surivive!

How to Play

Follow the hints given by the game and go one by one all the small tasks: gather some wood, craft a pickaxe, gather more resources, build a workbench and so on. As soon as you build a workbench you'll be attacked by zombies. If you get killed you may continue in spectate mode and refresh the page to start over again.

Hungery io is rather simple game, at least it's very interesting to complete all the tasks. Nice music, no lags. Zombies are quite a pain in the ass, but a lot easier if you cooperate with other players.

Hunger io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click for action


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Hunger io

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