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Jamir io is more than just a 3D shooter, and while we might be familiar with Space Arena io's futuristic world, this io game presents an amazing world with advanced physics and graphics!

How to Play

Playing the game involves battling opponents as in any 3D shooter, and the more enemies you shoot down during a round, the cooler it becomes. But that's just the beginning of the game. For your combat merits, you earn points that you can use to upgrade your character in the main game menu. Registering in the game allows you to save your combat experience and upgrades.

Jamir io

The breathtaking landscapes come in various quality and size, and Jamir io has an impressive array of weaponry. You'll find classic options like machine guns and rockets, as well as unique ones that were made specifically for the game. Almost every gun has two shooting modes, and you can also customize your character to use certain weapons.


  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump
  • Numbers to switch weapons
  • Shift to run


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Jamir io

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