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Game aliases:  karma farm io karmafarmio

Karmafarm io description

Karmafarm io — Play for free at

Karmafarm io is a co-op io game and it's a good try. Cooperating may be as exciting and catchy as the usual multiplayer io games. If you had played Brofist io you certainly have to give a try this game.

How to Play

The main gola of Karmafarm io is to earn maximum points. If you attack other players you lose points (the game doesn't encourage you to act this way). As the time is over the one who has maximum points wins.

The idea is that there's a lot of food. You also might be a food and be eaten by other players! In this case you'll boost your karma. For example you may become a tree and some inattentive player will eat you, then you'll receive points and that player will lose. You stay in the form of your current body (character) till the food ends. The food bar is found at the bottom of the screen. To become an animal will cost you some karma points and if you lose karma you can't respawn as an animal in the next round.

The food chains in Karmafarm io are quire clear. Animals eat apples and meat of other animals. Flies the poop. Sometimes is much more profitable to play for a fly and follow other animals during the game. However more advanced forms of animals can earn more karma points.

Karma Farm io Controls

  • Character follows the mouse


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Karmafarm io

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