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Game aliases:  Kartwarsio

Kartwars io description

Kartwars io — Play for free at

The game is similar to Kartwars, but there are dragons. Some players are fond of this topic. You will spend a good time and relax. In this game, you should fly around smoothly, pick weapons and explode the enemies one by one. And, also, it would be great to enter the world TOP of the game. In general, the game is really hot!

How to play

Kartwars io is based on shooting. But, first, you must gain the weapons! There are two kinds of weapon. Sometimes the weapon is opened, so you may see it and decide if you take it or wait for something else. Sometimes the weapon is closed; it is concealed by the question mark. It is a lottery, so you may get any kind of weapon. But, of course, it is better to have any weapon than nothing.

Another aim of Kartwars io is to collect golden coins. Can you imagine a dragon without his treasure? You must pick as many golden coins as possible. The number of coins is multiplied by the number of defeated enemies, and total score is calculated.

Try to escape from the enemies unless you have the weapons. Don’t let anybody sit down on your tail. Don’t pick nobody’s purple eggs - these are mines. If you don’t want to use a mouse, switch to the keyboard in the menu.


  • Use the mouse to move
  • Make a right click to speed up
  • Make a left click to shoot


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Kartwars io

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