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Game aliases:  kochan io koichanio

Koichan io description

Koichan io — Play for free at

Koichan io is a fish life simulator. You've got to become the biggest fish in the aquarium. The key difference from similar io games is that no one is going to attack you!

How to Play

The main goal of Koichan io is to grow the biggest fish, level up and unlock new skins. Collect color dots (plankton) to receive points and grow bigger. Note that some of dots are poisonous and not edible.

Koichan io

Green plankton is not edible. At the bottom left corner you may find a gealth indicator. As soon as you eat poisonous dot health will begin to decrease. When health is equal to zero you die. You've got to find and eat antidote (white dots) to prevent further health damage. When you stop the poisoning your health will slowly restore. Some of dots probably give you special temporary abilities like boosting. Probably it's similar to SuperSnake io game, where every type of food stand for some power up.

You can't fight others players, the only way to win them is to collect more dots and receive maximum points. The thing is that when you become bigger the higher probability that you'll pick up poison by occasion.

Koichan io Controls

Fish follow the mouse pointer


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Koichan io

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