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Game aliases:  Komboio

Kombo io description

Kombo io — Play for free at is a shooter with a simple but very nice graphics. It is a classic io game with simple graphic and fierce conflict between the players. Spirit of the game is similar to Trooper life and Cubee io. You must react immediately and make quick decisions. The bullets are flying around, just don’t forget to collect ammo and shoot.

How to play

There are two aims. The first one is to make as many frags as possible and occupy the first place in the rating. The second aim is a sporty one, you must destroy as many players as possible by a single shot and make a combo. There are some colored circles on the map. They denote ammo. The player changes his color according to the color of ammo he takes. You can take only one circle at once. Take a circle, shoot, and then take another one.

If you hit another player, he dies, and three bullets are reflected from him randomly. If they hit somebody, the chain reaction goes on. The more players you kill, the more Kombo you get, that’s why the game is called Kombo io.

At first, the game seems to be really simple and dull. But after five minutes of playing you will see that the game is really exciting, and it is difficult to enter the TOP. And it’s even more difficult to stay on TOP. The bullets are flying everywhere, and you must escape from them, so be attentive. Also, you must predict the location of “loaded” players and predict possible tracks of their shoots. This game requires a lot of concentration.


  • To move follow the cursor of the mouse
  • Click to shoot


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Kombo io

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