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Experience unique player interaction in Krew io! Like the legendary pirate saga Doblons io, players can engage in battles and plunder treasures. In this game you can team up with other players to embark on thrilling pirate adventures in its vast and immersive world.

How to Play

Aim is to build the biggest ship and be the top captain. Collect floating crates, shown with ship health. Swim to islands to transfer collected items from active to passive inventory. Don't exceed ship's capacity. Acquiring a new ship type requires more gold than active inventory can hold. Swim to islands and move resources to infinite passive gold inventory.

Fight, sink, and loot enemy ships to enrich yourself. Play as a cannon. The larger the ship, the more gunners it accommodates. Ship owner controls, while anyone can shoot. Those on others' ships profit from inflicted damage. Unique player interaction. Randomly spawn on raft or coastal ship. Reconnect to join a team or gather your crew. Good captains with skilled gunners create an unstoppable force. Krew io stands out in the pantheon of io games.


  • Use WASD to move the cannon
  • Click to shoot


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Krew io

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