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Kugeln io is a multiplayer io game where you play as polandballs, and shoot other polandballs with weapons. Kugeln io is a very rewarding game, and is easy to pick up and learn.

How to Play

In, you can choose to play as a polandball from a wide array of countries, and can gain cosmetic accessories as you level up. You are randomly assigned to a lobby, which can be one of the three game modes (FFA,TDM,CTF) on one of the many maps.

In order to score points, one must either kill enemies or capture the flag (for CTF). In game, you are given two weapons, and you can gain more weapons, and even a jetpack! The more people you kill, the higher your score is; the higher your score is, the more you will win! (for CTF mods, you must bring the enemy flag to your side, once you are killed with the flag, it returns to your base).

Kugeln io Tips

  • For levels with an underwater portion, you can grapple onto the bottom of the main floor, when underwater, and swing your way to the other side!
  • Use the grenade launcher to your advantage by blowing up terrain that will lead you directly to your enemy!
  • Use the bricks over the weapon spawn point to prevent the enemy from getting any weapons!


  • WASD - movement
  • M1 - shoot/place bricks
  • M2 - grapple onto surface/polandball


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Kugeln io

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