Game aliases:  lava io laava io laaava io lavaio the floor is lava

Laaaava io description

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Laaaava io is a game based on the offline funny game popular among Soviet children in 1980-es – 1990-es and in modern English-speaking world. The floor turned into the lava, and you must be the last person to touch it. The game is very popular, so it’s easily to find someone to play with.

How to play

The aim of Laaaava io and controls are really simple. The aim is to stay the last survivor among 5 people. To stay over the lava, you must jump and push from other players. In the moment of collision, try to stay on top, in order to push your enemy into the lava. When the round is over, you may load a new one.

The game is simple, funny and captivating. The rounds follow one by one, and you can’t help playing. Of course, the luck is quite important in the game. But, still, you must feel the balance. Choose a profitable position to attack. Don’t be risky and aggressive, if you want to survive.


  • The ball follows the cursor
  • Click to jump


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Laaaava io

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