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Game aliases:  langorio

Langor io description

Langor io — Play for free at is about space and space battleship fighting. Langor planet is very attractive as source of multiple rare resources. Think of this game as of wild West that takes place in space. might look as an easy game, but that not actually true. First of all, to control a space battleship is something you have to get used to. Secondly, those enemies around you are dreaming about to kick you ass.

How to play

Okay we've got a space battleship, what's next? Firstly, don't forget that in space there's no gravity, it does matter. Next, to level up gather colorful splashes. When you meet an enemy make your choice, either attack or run away.


Movement: by mouse
Acceleration: mouse right button
Shoot: mouse leftbutton, the longer you hold the button the more powerful will be attack


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Langor io

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