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Game aliases:  Legionsio

Legions io description

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Legions io is a simplified Hordes io, but it also resembles Gobattle io. The game is based on the Middle Ages, and there is a huge continuous battle. However, there isn’t any private room where the players could meet, drink beer, drink after the battle and battle after the drink. The game is base on a desperate battle. The strongest and the luckiest player will put on a crown, but, still, he must be careful. It is a game for strong and brave people.

How to play

Legions io is quite simple, but there are some peculiarities. Choose a character: the Magician, the Archer or the Warrior. Each character has 2 abilities. The Archer and the Warrior can hit the enemies. The Magician can hit the enemies and cure him or other players. There are also extra abilities, but, at the moment, they don’t work. Maybe, they will work soon. To win the game, you must act in a group. The map is quite small. If a small group is cohesive, it will become powerful.

When you kill the enemies, you receive experience. After the 10-th level you grow up and receive a more severe look. It is great to have a beard. Moreover, when you pass to a new level, your speed and damage increase.


Right click to move
To hit, use Q and E. Press Q or E, and you will see the area around you that is available for the attack. Make the left click, and you will hit any point from this area.

Tips and Tricks

Nobody can survive in the battle face-to-face with the Magician. Magician of the 1-st level can defeat the Warrior of the 8-th level, because the Magician can cure himself. But the Magician has few HP, and a couple of Archers can easily shoot him down.

The Warrior’s advantage is the attack; it is really difficult to resist him. But, if you don’t cure him, he will be defeated easily.

To win Legions io team with other players. If the Magician of the 10-th level and the Archer of the 10-th level join together, they win is guaranteed. Be brave and ready to collaborate, and all your enemies will be defeated.


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Legions io

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