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Game aliases:  le worm io lewormio

Leworm io description

Leworm io — Play for free at

Leworm io is am original snake io game. Upgrade your snake, pick up boosters and fight with other snakes!

How to Play

Core task in Leworm io is to become the leader. Leaderboard is found in the top right corner. You receive points for collecting color dots and dots left by dead snakes.

Worm dies when crashes with head into another worm or the edge of the map. After death worm leaves points it had in form of color pellets. Use speed up booster to gain some advantage, however note that you consume your score points while using this booster.

Sometimes you may see other rare boosters like goggles (increases the view range), can that allows you to boost for free and radiation warning sign that makes pellets you leave poisonous.

Leworm io Controls

  • Worm follows the mouse
  • Click or space to boost


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Leworm io

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