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Game aliases:  liero io lierio

Lier io description

Lier io — Play for free at

Lier io is a new irritation 2D multiplayer io shooter. It's a great combination of famous Worms and multiplayer shooter. Smash everything on your way and win the game round by round!

How to Play

The only task in Lier io is to win the current round. The one who scored most frags wins the round. However if you couldn't win previous round don't worry another one begins in few seconds!

In this game you can shoot into the land as well leaving large holes in the ground. Your own shots don't hurt you, so you can shoot close to yourself. All weapons are available by default, all you need is to find them on the map. But we advise not to spend much time for this, better start killing enemies!

At the left bottom corner you'll find ammo indicator. If it's about to end, find boxes with ammo on the map. Gems give you random improvements.

Lier io Controls

  • WASD to move
  • Click to shoot
  • E to switch weapon
  • R to reload


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Lier io

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