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Game aliases:  Lightamaio

Lightama io description

Lightama io — Play for free at

Lightama io is a simple turn-based strategy game. Play with friends in private rooms or with strangers by Net.

How to Play

Your goal is to turn on more lights of your color than your opponent on the lights table. The lights table that you see here is made of 64 (8x8) light buttons. By clicking on one light button, you turn on the 4 light buttons that stay on top, on the left, on the right and on bottom of the light button you clicked, with your color. Notice that the light button you clicked became black. This light button cannot be clicked and will never change color anymore: you can only click on white, red and blue lights. Remember: the game ends when there are no more white light buttons on the table.

The side where you will play is random, and also the first turn of the game is purely random, so there is no difference between the two colors.The lights table works like a torus! So, try to click on a edge or corner light button to see what happens.

Lightama io is turn based. Each turn lasts 15 seconds. If you let your time pass without clicking a light button, you will lose your turn.


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Lightama io

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