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Game aliases:  llam io lamaio llamio lama io

Llama io description

Llama io — Play for free at

Lama io is a minimalist io game about the famous lama! Simple rules, tough gameplay!

How to Play

If you think Lama io has a complex upgrade scheme you're wrong :) If you think you can kill opponents with high-damage weapons you're wrong again! Come on, it's just lama! The only thing it can do is jumping, falling and collecting stars. Stars are your rating. The more you've collected the better. If you've got to the leader board or even got the first position you're a superhero!

Well you can attack other players by jumping on the head. Each touch will deal some damage, several touches will end the game for that player.


  • Arrows to move
  • Left click to boost
  • Right click or Space to fall


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Llama io

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