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Lordz io is a great example of io games combination into a unique game experince. Grow your army to beat all these rude opponents!

How to Play

The aim of the game is to become a leader and to keep position 1 as long as possible. This requires an army. You can get one by recruiting units (soldier, knight, archer, barbarian and dragon). Each unit has its price. You buy them with coins that are spread around the map. Collect coins and buy units! Also you have to build Houses that increase limit of your units and Towers for defense.

Note that buildings also have a limit so you have to find a balance between Houses and Towers.

Units fight automatically, but if you want them to attack specific enemy just point with mouse. If you die you units will join the winner. Even you've lost your units and coins the buildings remain untouched. That's a nice option, no need to start everything over again.

While units fight with each other automatically, to destroy a building you've to click it and keep pressing a mouse button till the building demolished.

A good option that came from Agario styled games is splitting. It allows you to run away from your enemy in case you are not capable to fight with him or simply to cover more area with your units and to gather more coins!

Lordzio Controls

  • Your units follow the mouse
  • Build units and buildings by clicking or pressing corresponding pictures
  • Space to split army
  • Click and keep button to attack building


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Lordz io

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