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Game aliases:  ludumdareio

Ludumdare io description

Ludumdare io — Play for free at

Ludumdare io is brilliant and stylish platformer game. Get over obstacles, fight the enemies and be very careful.

How to Play

Ludumdare io is actually not a multiplayer game, but still very impressive platformer. Your aim is to pass the game. You've infinite attempts to try. Jumping from block to another will become a routine after a couple of plays. Fighting enemies is also rather simple in case you know a secret. Enemies in Ludumdare io are very strong, but their health doesn't restore even after you respawn, so even very strong enemies can be killed in couple of attempts.

When you meet an enemy you have 3 options:

  1. jump over the enemy dealing 1 damage
  2. Hit enemy with 1.5 damage
  3. Psyhic, in this case you don't deal any damage, but can see health level of enemy

We did't find last option useful, so probably you can ignore it. So better you combinations of Jumps and Hits. Note that you can not use 2 Hits in a row, there's a cooldown that lasts one turn.

Ludumdare io Controls

  • Arrows to move and to choose fight option
  • Space for action


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Ludumdare io

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