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Game aliases:  magics io magic io magik io magiks io

Magicks io description

Magicks io — Play for free at

Magicks io is a complicated io game that wants you to create a Mage Order. The game suggest a new approach for a mining & base building io game.

How to Play Magicks io

Main goal of the game is to conquer territories (Zones) and keep them under control. There're 9 zones in the game = 9 worlds. To take Zone under you control you should build a magic Order in this Zone. Order is a special sphere and there can be only one per Zone. If Order exists in the Zone, the you've got to demolish it first. Order also required to build other constructions on the territory of the Zone.

Order can be built using 8 gems and 8 woods. You can get those resources by cutting trees and crashing stones containing gems inside. You can carry only 16 items in your inventory, means you have to keep in stock only gems and wood required to build and Order and then build it using spell of Order. Keep in mind that you'll have to defend it, choose place for Order wisely.

The players who'll come close to Order and click on the sphere will join the Order. It's a kind of teaming. If you build a door it will let in and out only members of the Order.

Spells are another core idea of the Magicks io. You've got to learn spells to be able to use them. To get a new Spell you've got to come close to the Statue with 4 gems in stock and click on it. Ok, you've just paid 4 gems for a Spell. Now go to inventory, find a scroll and read it with double click. The more Spells you know the more stronger you're.

Many Spells in Magicks io are combinations of basic elements. At the bottom of the screen there're 7 basic elements. As soon as you click on any of them you can continue creating a Spell on the base of that element. If the game lets you to continue combining elements, go on and create a Spell. For example, to create an Order you've got to click the following combination 7-5-7-5-7-5-5.

So, create Orders, get Zones under your control and investigate worlds for the new Spells. The author of the game says right now only 10% of the game is done. This io game will be completely different from other io games and "every action of the player will receive a response from the game environment". Let's see! Sounds promising!

Magicks io Controls

  • Choose elements with click or 1-8 keys
  • Space to cancel the Spell
  • Click to use


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Magicks io

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